The patterns we offer are classics from the American quilt tradition.

Most of our commissioned quilts are memory quilts. (You may sometimes see memory quilts called bereavement quilts or grief quilts.) These are made to remember someone dear who has died. The quilts are a way to be comforted and to pass along stories to the next generation. But we also make honor or tribute quilts. These can commemorate something in a tangible way - a memorable event, trip, or season.  ​For whatever the customer's intention, when Lavivi Love Quilts transforms your clothes into source fabric, ready for a new use, you now have a unique way to tell a story that is all your own. You will have a custom-made heirloom.

Standard Variations

On this page, we showcase our current memory quilt options.

The fabrics shown here are what a client might have from a loved one - shirts, ties, blouses, dresses, tops, dinner napkins, upholstery fabric, embroidery, tote bags, and uniforms, among other possibilities.

Within these options, we customize every memory quilt for the client, based on preference and the textiles available.


There are  standard variations we work out with you so you get the quilt you want:


  • Overall size and individual block size 

  • Block layout: overall grid or a centered feature 

  • Color and fabric play: themed or random 


Backing Fabric:

We exclusively use Painter's Palette 100% cotton, available in nearly 170 beautiful colors.