About Our Process

How you Begin

Lavivi Love Quilts makes one-of-a-kind, commissioned quilts using clothes provided by the client. When a loved one dies, a family member often keeps some clothes because these are comforting reminders. Sometimes there are also household linens with sentimental value. 


And just as often, these soft shirts and blouses, dresses, ties, and jackets remain boxed in a closet. Packed away, with the intention of "doing something with them someday." Because you can't throw them away or leave them off at a thrift store. 


Sometimes a quilt is right, sometimes a wall-hanging - it depends on the client and the amount of fabric. Every commission begins with a phone conversation to talk about the fabric possibilities and the client's desires.

So... if it's time to dig out that box, let's see what you have and who you want to remember. 


Commissioning Process

When we talk over the phone, you can expect a conversation about who the quilt or wall hanging is a tribute to, the clothes you have saved, and who will receive the quilt.  

It helps us if you send a few photos of the clothes. We'll talk about design and color choices, and the size of the commissioned piece. Quilts are generally throw/napping size (about 48" x 60"). Wall hangings are generally 36" square. 

Once we have a design agreement, you'll send the selected clothes, washed and neatly folded. The work timeline is generally 8 - 10 weeks. As we work on the memory piece, we will send you occasional emails with photos. When the piece is completed, we mail it back to you.  

Customizing the Quilt 
While a memory quilt makes maximum use of the customer's supply, the quilt won't require bags and bags of clothes to make something beautiful. Sometimes, we need to add fabric from our studio to complement the colors from the customer's contribution.  

The memory quilt can be designed with text or letters to create a monogram or spell out a name, as part of the unique customization. ​​

Health & Cleanliness
We ask that the customer launder everything before sending the textiles to us. No pressing needed, just neat folding. Once we receive the clothes, they will be stored in a clean container in the studio. The sewing studio is in a non-smoking, pet-occupied home.  All commissions are laundered or brushed clean as necessary before sent back to the customer. 

Source Material Possibilities 

For a well-constructed, sturdy quilt, natural fiber clothing and linens are best. However, we welcome talking with the customer about using other fabrics as part of the overall selection. 

Client Involvement 

Some clients want to be more involved in the making process. We can discuss options with you, even beyond the initial design, colors, and size choices. For example: client deconstruction of the clothes, in-workshop cutting and sewing days, and hand-sewing of the binding. 

What Happens to the Clothes Afterwards?

The clothes have been transformed into a quilt or wall hanging that brings joy and comfort. What remains at the end of the creation process are scraps which we recycle or dispose of respectfully.


Each quilt is a custom creation and we discuss all costs with the client so there are no surprises. As a general rule of thumb, most quilts are requested in a napping/throw size, about 48 x 60 inches. Lavivi Love Quilt's cost to the customer for that size ranges from $1,600 to $2,000. The client can also expect finishing costs covering longarm quilting, delivery,  insurance, and sales tax where applicable.